The Artists

Brenda Wong Aoki
Artistic Director

Mark Izu
Musical Director

Nancy Hom
Visual Artist

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The J-Tells

J-Tells are emerging artists who have been selected to engage in a process of discovery, dialogue and creative synergy to develop a multimedia installation that will serve as the beacon for Suite J-Town. Keep your eyes out for them in Japantown this spring!




Marissa Bergmann
Charlene Kelley
Junho Kim
Eryn Kimura
Yuki Maruyama
Elena Nielsen
Celi Tamayo-Lee
Ayana Yonesaka


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The Performers

Kenny Endo

Moy Eng

Shoko Hikage
Koto / Vocals

Marina Fukushima
Performer / Dancer

Masaru Koga
Woodwinds / Shakuhachi

John-Carlos Perea
Vocals / Bass

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